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3 Secrets to Creating and Building a Profitable Kids Fitness Business in South Africa

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  • How our students earn R20K - R200K extra income/month teaching kid’s fitness

  • How to become Professionally Certified - in under 3 months- even if you’ve never taught exercise to kids before!

  • 6 Easy Steps to Getting Customers & Filling Your Classes- using FREE AND LOW-COST Facebook tools

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    Kids Exercise Programmes took a knock during the Pandemic.

    In fact everyone from sports coaches, dance teachers, OT’s, Kinderkineticists, Extra Mural programmes, aftercare providers, fitness gyms and even the schools themselves - scrambled to adjust and keep afloat. Many laid off staff, ended their leases and simply closed their doors and are now sitting without work or an income.

    BUT some businesses survived - and even thrived.

    We were blessed to be one of them.

    Even though 2020 was a tough year for us we here at Gym Wizards are still going strong.

    Yes, for me it was a year of making mistakes; learning what works and what doesn’t.

    We had to ADJUST AND RESET everything in our business including our:

  • Business model

  • Operating processes, schedules, class sizes

  • Service provider contracts

  • Membership agreements with our customers

  • Curriculum, teaching methodology and protocols

  • Budgets & staff remuneration packages

  • Lease agreements and customer communication

  • Areas (neighborhoods) we choose to work in

  • This cost us a lot of time, sweat and money…..(and STRESS 😖??)

    AND I want to show you how you can AVOID what we had to go through!

    For us the last year has resulted in a year of "golden nuggets"

    The three secrets to creating and sustaining a profitable kids fitness business - in spite of being in the midst of an economic crises.

    If you don’t get these 3 secrets right, your business (whether new or old) will probably fail- and cost you a lot of time, money and embarrassment.

    If you do get all 3 right, you dramatically increase your chances of successfully building a kid’s fitness/exercise business that makes you real money- even if you’re starting from scratch.

    Presented by Tania Williams, Founder of Fitnastix.com

    Tania Williams, known as the “QUEEN of Training” is the CEO of Gym Wizards, one of the biggest Kids Fitness Programmes in South Africa that families have trusted since 1999.

    She is a Psychology Honours Graduate and has been involved in gymnastics for over 45 years - as a National Team (Springbok) gymnast, National Team (Springbok) coach, coach trainer, and gym business owner.

    She also created ActiveKids.co.za during Covid-19 to give Kids an amazing online exercise alternative.

    Join our free webinar to learn the 3 secrets I’ve used to stay profitable in my kid’s fitness business - and more importantly how I have helped brand new business owners get started the right way - even during uncertain times.

    What Our Customers Have To SAY

    "If you are looking for someone who can help you build a kids sports business that actually makes money, one person I recommend is Tania Williams.

    Her combined technical, marketing and business skills are helping the SAGF pivot towards a more inclusive, commercially sustainable organisation.

    I know that with her help, we are on the right path to developing entrepreneurs to run sustainable businesses in South Africa!”

    Anne Vermaak, CEO South African Gymnastics Federation

    "If there was one word to describe Tania, it would be Amazing. We use Tania’s Programmes to professionally certify all our Trainers." ~ Glenn Joselowitz, Owner

    "Tania is a rare combination of sports trainer, entrepreneur and someone who genuinely cares about her community." ~ Carolyn Inglis, Program Manager

    "With our need to stay on top of the safety aspect of our Instructors training at our trampoline Park, Tania Williams is my go-to source." ~ Damon Walmsley, General Manager

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